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AmeriCorps VISTA

Andrew Kirkland AmeriCorps VISTA, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque As you go about your life, you might run into someone who is involved with AmeriCorps — maybe at work or just in the community. You might also wonder what AmeriCorps is. You’ve likely heard of the Peace Corps, the organization that sends volunteers to impoverished […]

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Summer Fun in Dubuque

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation — and a break from school. Summer also is a time of great opportunity. In Dubuque, we are lucky to have a wide variety of programs and events through which students can play and learn in hands-on, enriching environments. The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading partners recognize the […]

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Bilingual Books Increase Parent Engagement in Dyersville Schools

Research shows that learning begins long before a child enters kindergarten. Children—even infants—soak up words, rhymes, songs and images. Vocabulary development is particularly important. But what if parents at home don’t have access to books they can read in their native language? This is a problem partners in Dyersville realized parents of English as a […]

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Dubuque Campaign to Host Parent Engagement Sessions at Multicultural Family Center

Studies have shown that parent engagement is crucial to a child’s well-being. When parents are engaged, students perform better in school. They earn better grades, improve test scores, increase attendance, gain more motivation and self-esteem, and have fewer behavioral issues. To address this need, the Dubuque Campaign is partnering with the Multicultural Family Center (MFC) […]

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Meet Jamie

Jamie may just be a few months old, but like too many children from low-income families, she will begin school already far behind. Since Jamie is less likely to be read or spoken to regularly or have access to books, high-quality daycare, and prekindergarten programs, she will be two times more likely to experience developmental […]

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