Meet Jamie

Jamie may just be a few months old, but like too many children from low-income families, she will begin school already far behind.

Since Jamie is less likely to be read or spoken to regularly or have access to books, high-quality daycare, and prekindergarten programs, she will be two times more likely to experience developmental delays. By kindergarten, Jamie will be 12 to 14 months behind her friends from middle-income families. By third grade, she will be 2 to 2.5 years behind in critical reading skills. Overall, Jamie will be 13 times more likely to drop out than her more affluent friends.

Like Jamie, many students in our region are not currently reading at grade level.

Fortunately for local kids like Jamie, the Northeast Iowa Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is working hard with local partners to make sure that all students can succeed. Here are just a few of the things partners in your area are working on today:

  • In Dubuque, parent engagement sessions at the Multicultural Family Center are empowering 25 ambitious parents to become reading ambassadors in their neighborhoods, sharing the importance of parental involvement in childhood development;
  • In Dyersville, partners are providing bilingual books for ESL households, allowing parents to read to their kids in their native languages;
  • And in Jackson County, the Campaign is partnering with Maquoketa Medical Associates to provide books and early learning resources to families at well-child visits.

Learn more about each campaign community in Northeast Iowa!

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