Dubuque Campaign to Host Parent Engagement Sessions at Multicultural Family Center

Studies have shown that parent engagement is crucial to a child’s well-being. When parents are engaged, students perform better in school. They earn better grades, improve test scores, increase attendance, gain more motivation and self-esteem, and have fewer behavioral issues.

To address this need, the Dubuque Campaign is partnering with the Multicultural Family Center (MFC) to host six parent engagement sessions for a diverse group of 25 people. The project was funded by a grant from the Iowa Department of Human Services.

The parent engagement sessions will offer hands-on activities and small group roundtable discussions (facilitated by the MFC, Community Foundation employees and parents from the Washington Neighborhood) to better serve the educational needs of children in our community. Participants will receive tools and resources to help in the education of their children and skills to teach peers in their neighborhoods.

Sessions include:

  1. How reading skills affect high school graduation rates and future job performance
  2. Creating literacy toolkits
  3. The importance of play
  4. Building strong connections between school and home
  5. Team building activities for a final group project that will promote parent engagement in local neighborhoods
  6. Presentation of final group project

A meal and snacks will be available for the children and parents involved in the six evening sessions.

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