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Assessing GLR Progress

In 2012, Dubuque joined more than 100 communities by filing a Community Solutions Action Plan (CSAP) with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. This CSAP described in great detail how Dubuque planned to make progress on school readiness, school attendance, summer learning and grade-level reading by 2016. The CSAP addressed the following six assurances that were […]

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Summer Program Teaches Entrepreneurial Skills

On Friday, July 10th after a long week of math, the kids of the Playground Explorations program at Comiskey Park displayed the entrepreneurial skills they had learned by hosting a lemonade stand. After just an hour and a half, they had raised $103 and engaged many community members. Those who stopped by to enjoy the […]

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AmeriCorps Partners in Learning Impacts Student Test Scores

By Mary Bridget Corken-Deutsch, program director for AmeriCorps Partners in Learning AmeriCorps Partners in Learning has always had a focus on education in Dubuque. In spring 2014, however, we rewrote our federal application to align with the goals of Dubuque’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. In fall 2014, we began implementing this new program, focusing specifically […]

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The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque offers a Safe Place and Enriching Activities for Area Youth

By Brian Meyer, Executive Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dubuque was founded on the mission of providing Dubuque area youth with programs that promote health and social, educational, cultural, leadership and character development. Our emphasis is focusing on areas of greatest potential in […]

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