Building Brains: Finding Solutions to Early Literacy

IMG_3171By Faith Britt, Clarke Student & Non Profit Partnerships Intern at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Reading has always been one of my favorite activities. Some of my best memories are of my parents and grandparents reading countless books to me, and once I learned to read, I loved to follow along. I enjoy the feeling of immersing myself in another world that is different from my own. Literacy inspires creativity; therefore, my passion for reading and writing had a strong influence on my decision to pursue graphic design and writing in college.

I was shocked when I learned that over one-third of American children struggle with reading. I wanted to find ways to solve this problem, even if I could only make a small difference, so I decided to delve into the topic of childhood literacy for my Capstone gallery exhibition. A child’s literacy journey should begin with guidance from parents and guardians, while teachers and community members build upon this knowledge. Through extensive research, I realized the adverse effects of illiteracy, such as school dropouts, reliance on government support, teenage pregnancy, and imprisonment.

The goal of my exhibition, Building Brains: Finding Solutions to Childhood Literacy, is to raise awareness about childhood literacy and the organizations that promote it so that we can work towards solving the issue of illiteracy and creating a brighter future for America.

Building Brains features eight solutions to childhood literacy, including:

These solutions are simple and proven effective. If these solutions are followed, we will someday solve childhood literacy so that every child in the United States is able to lead a successful life.

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