Summer Academy: Real Impact for Reading Success


In mid-July, most kids are savoring the freedom of summer.  School is a distant memory best avoided by riding bikes, going to the pool, and sprinting to the ice cream truck.

Eight-year-old Kamerron, however, is reading—and enjoying it. “I read to my little sister,” he says.  “I like it because when she’s grown up, I wont have to read to her anymore.  She’ll be able to read by herslef.”

Kammeron is one of 47 kids who participated in the Summer Academy, a pilot program focused on maintaining or increasing the reading proficiency of students over summer break.  Evidence shows that students experience learning loss during the long summer months when they are not engaged in learning activities on a regular basis.

The Summer Academy is a prime example of the Community Foundation’s community leadership work—convening partners and resources around a critical issue to fill funding or knowledge gaps that no single entity can effecively address on its own.  By bringing together program providers, schools and funders, the goal of the Summer Academy is to ensure that students continue to learn and enjoy new experiences with a rich array of programming.

Summer Academy staff member Erica Olds’ brother was in the program. “I’ve seen his growth,” she says. “I can see an impact on these kids and it’s definitely helping.”

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