President signs Declaration to Fulfill Promise of America

On Monday, September 22, 2014, President Barack Obama signed the Presidents’ Declaration to Fulfill the Promise of America. Obama was the seventh consecutive President to sign the Declaration in an effort to call upon Americans to do more to help the young people in America reach their full potential.

The Declaration originally was signed by former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton; and Nancy Reagan on behalf of Ronald Reagan. In July 2001, President George W. Bush added his signature.

The Declaration is the only known instance in American history to include the signatures of seven consecutive presidents. At the time of signing, the President added his own words:

“In signing this Declaration, I renew my commitment to the basic bargain that built this country – the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead, no matter where you come from, what you look like, where you pray, or who you love.  And I ask all Americans to join me in affirming that fundamental promise and ensuring that it holds for all our children and for future generations, so that the American Dream that has lit the world for centuries will never die.”

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