5 Ideas to Help Kids Read at Grade Level

No matter who you are or what your occupation, you can help kids in your community read at grade level. Here are five ideas of how you can help. Join the #BarberReadingChallenge and share what you are doing in  your community!

  1. Read 20 minutes a day to a child 

Research shows that children who are engaged in reading activities at least 20 minutes a day during the critical “learning to read” years are more likely to be successful in school. Read to your children, grandchildren, neighbors or find a local organization where you can volunteer to read to children.

  1. Volunteer

Find an organization or school in your community that supports reading and find out how you can get involved as a volunteer.

  1. Set a good example

To help children form good reading habits, parents should model good reading behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including Mom and Dad.

  1. Make books available everywhere

Whether you manage a barbershop, a doctor’s office, dentist office, car shop or any business or organization where there might be children in your waiting area, place books in an easily accessible spot and encourage children to read while they are waiting.

  1. Donate

Whether you are giving away free haircuts to kids who read to you, or you are simply donating books to an organization in need, you can make a difference. Find a way to donate your time, talent or treasure in your community to help kids read at grade level. Maybe there is a Little Free Library that needs its books replenished, or a nonprofit  that offers literacy activities that could use your help through a monetary donation. Whatever it may be, find a way to get involved.


To donate to your local Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, check out this list of participating cities to find a community near you. Click here to donate to Dubuque’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Endowment fund to support long-term efforts in grade level reading in Dubuque.

To donate to Spark Family Hair Salon’s GoFundMe Page, click here.

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